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Canadian made therapeutic instruments

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Shift Happens!

Our therapeutic recipe for discovering and accessing your “true self” is to take your Awareness, combine it with Awareness Tai Chi, and sprinkle in some Resonance.

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Enriching peoples’ lives while enabling them to Live Conflict Free.

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Awareness Tai Chi step-by-step training videos for the beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioners.

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The Awareness Website is where it is at! My journey has jumped on the fast track to discovering more of me by combining the Awareness Series and Awareness Tai Chi.

Peggy Testimonial | What our clients say

I wish I had these resources when first starting out, it would have accelerated the learning curve exponentially.


Ryan Testimonial | What our clients say

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Awareness Tai Chi
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Welcome to our online home... We are here to promote wellness and help you to create an expanded Awareness for yourself. We have discovered that through Awareness, balancing of both the physical and energetic bodies is of utmost importance and an essential part to Living Conflict Free. We both love talking and sharing about this kind of stuff and have found over time, that we have something special to offer. To help minimize misunderstandings and give maximum clarification on these subjects, we will be presenting video posts along the way. So let's begin! Watch our video and get started on your journey.
Welcome To Our On-line Home

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